RKLA 4 - Introduction to the work

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The RKLA 4 Initiative seeks to reenergize governments and partners in the CEE/CIS region to include all children in quality learning, regardless of socio-economic status, gender, cultural background and ability. The goals of the initiative are to ensure that: 1) every child in the region is included in school, and that 2) every child is learning. To achieve those goals the 17 countries participating in the initiative have agreed on four common objectives and ten key strategies. The four objectives are: 1) Improve the enabling environments of national education systems; 2) Improve education quality and learning outcomes; 3) Reduce demand-side barriers hindering children’s participation; and 4) Address shortages and quality gaps in the supply of education.

By bringing countries to together, the Regional Initiative will rally governments and non-governmental partners to strengthen on-going equity-enhancing initiatives. It will do so by increasing cross-country exchange and learning, strengthening on-going innovative initiatives at country level, generating new knowledge by improving documentation of country level initiatives, and advocating for enhanced political will and for regional partners in education to collaborate more closely on closing equity gaps in education for the most marginalized children and adolescents.
A Call for Action in support of RKLA 4 will be launched in December 2013 at a Ministerial Conference to be co-hosted by the Government of Turkey and the UNICEF Regional Office for CEE/CIS.